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Aspiration Catheter

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Neuro – Cath PLUS Aspiration Catheter

The primary purpose of the distal access catheter is designed as an aspiration catheter and also can be used as intracranial support catheter 

It is a single-lumen, flexible, variable stiffness composite catheter. The catheter body has a hydrophilic coating to reduce friction during use. Its body is visible under fluoroscopy.

With its Hybrid Braid and Nitinol Spring design, it provides 1:1 push/pull control for improved trackability. Spring reinforcement ensures lumen integrity, flexibility and excellent shape retention. Proximal variable pitch mesh reinforcement provides support and torque control

The inner lumen of the distal access catheter can accommodate guidewires up to 0.038 inch(0.97mm) in diameter to assist in placement of the catheter system.
The proximal catheter has a luer connection to allow fluid infusion through the system and attachment of accessories.